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Record High Motor Insurance Premiums


SOURCE: ABI Insurance premiums have reached their highest recorded level, according to the ABI. The insurance body says the increase has been caused by the combined effect of a rise in repair costs, increases in Insurance Premium Tax and a continued rise in whiplash-style claims. Premiums rose by more than five times the rate of…

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Fun night out bowling

RDT’s 2017 social calendar kicked off last night with a visit to our local ten pin bowling alley.  Twenty-two staff members from the Kings Hill office spent the evening engaged in intense competition, with Will O’Shea coming out on top with the highest score of 189. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all and was…

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Digital distribution and the rise of the ‘Nomad’


Accenture has highlighted the rise of a distinct group of insurance customers whose focus is resolutely digital and mobile. In a report released this month titled The Voice of the Customer: Identifying Disruptive Opportunities in Insurance Distribution, the consultancy firm identify a growing number of people – particularly so-called millennials – who want to purchase insurance in the same way they buy…

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