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DVSA plans to improve car driving test



learner plate a

Last week the DVSA advised that they would like the public to give their views on plans to make significant changes to the driving test. These changes include asking the learner to use a satnav, park in a supermarket parking bay and to show that they can use a car’s features – such as turning on the rear window heater – while driving. The DVSA believe these changes would make the test far more a realistic reflection of modern driving.

Further information and a link to the consultation can be found here.

Government consultation to change insurance and motoring rules



Last week Britain’s biggest car maker, Jaguar Land Rover, announced that it will be creating a fleet of more than 100 research vehicles over the next few years which will be used to test autonomous and connected technology.  The first of these vehicles will be on our roads later this year.  They join Ford and Volvo as vehicle manufacturers who have plans to test such vehicles on our roads.

JLR plans to test their autonomous vehicles on the motorways and urban roads near their headquarters in Coventry.  This is in line with plans announced in March that such cars would be tested on motorways.

This will lead up to 2020, by which point the government is looking to allow members of the public to use driverless cars on the streets.  The government has launched a consultation which gives members of the public the opportunity to have their say on the use of these advanced driver assistance and technologies in cars on British roads.  The government is looking to change insurance and motoring rules, so the outcome of the consultation is of interest to RDT and our clients.

Joining the CUE



RDT is now a subscriber to the Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE), a central database of motor, home and other ‘incidents’ that are reported to insurance companies. An incident could be anything that might have an insurance implication, such as car accidents, break-ins and thefts from homes.

CUE is managed by Insurance Database Services Limited (IDSL) on behalf of its member organisations, which include all major insurers and many self-insured organisations. Established in 1994, CUE helps to keep down premiums for honest policyholders by preventing fraudulent claims and multiple claims. As a subscriber, RDT has access to more than 32 million claims records.

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