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Collaborate and conquer with insurtech


Insurtech can be a double-edged sword for insurers, a fact underlined in a report published in the Financial Times on October 14. The heading – ‘Insurance sector worried as insurtech startups cosy up to customers’ – reflects the growing threat posed by new technology as challenger brands move into space that was once the preserve…

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RDT strengthens relationship with RAA with further technology application


Insurance software specialist RDT is strengthening its relationship with its long-standing customer, the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA), by providing the insurer with a huge uplift in its technology. RAA is undergoing a programme of improvements to its digital capability and the enhancements will include RDT’s new ecommerce API, a platform for insurers…

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Insurtech wake-up call


A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers about technology in the global finance and insurance sectors is a clear wake-up call to insurers who are still not making use of the latest technology. Last month’s report, ‘How InsurTech is reshaping insurance’, reveals that 48 per cent of insurers fear that as much as a fifth of their business…

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