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Employee Spotlight – Team Solution Architect Will O’Shea


Hi, I’m Will O’Shea and I work as a team solution architect at RDT. 

After graduating from university with a maths degree I started my IT career working for Lloyd’s of London.  I had a good seven years there, which gave me a useful grounding in insurance knowledge. After that I had a short spell at Enron, followed by 11 years at Barclays Capital, before deciding to leave the rat race and find a more local job.

I joined RDT in 2014 as a senior software engineer and after a couple of years I became the lead software engineer in one of our agile teams. I then applied for the role of team solution architect (TSA) because I felt I would like to contribute more to the architectural direction of the company. (more…)

How RDT use Agile methodology


At the heart of RDT are eight delivery teams who innovate, develop and support our products.  It is important to create the right environment for them to do this. At RDT we use a style of working called Agile to achieve this.

Agile is an umbrella term for a number of lightweight delivery methods that were put together in 2001 by a group of leading business thinkers. They created the Agile Manifesto and 12 supporting principles, which together represent the ethos we want to create in our teams. (more…)

RDT staff participate in “rowathon” to raise money for Dandelion Time


In October,RDT and the other companies who share our Kings Hill office building took part in a ‘rowathon’ fundraiser for Kent charity Dandelion Time.

Six teams of five and six volunteers, made up of a mix from the companies in the building, took on the challenge to row 100 miles (161km) in a week, using the rowing machine the organisers had put in the lobby. They just managed to reach the target by the end of the week. (more…)

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