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RDT’s staff “Go Ape” at Leeds Castle


A group of courageous (or crazy, depending on your outlook) RDT staff members had a high time at Go Ape! at Leeds Castle in Kent over the weekend. (more…)

View the RDT company video to see what it is like to work for us


20170208 Recruitment Wednesday

Our company video can be viewed here.  It will give you an idea about what it is like to work for an innovative company and what makes the people here tick.

If you would like to learn more about RDT, please contact us.

Fun night out bowling



RDT’s 2017 social calendar kicked off last night with a visit to our local ten pin bowling alley.  Twenty-two staff members from the Kings Hill office spent the evening engaged in intense competition, with Will O’Shea coming out on top with the highest score of 189.

The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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