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Steve Knight calls time on 50-year career


Industry veteran says farewell to RDT and moves into semi-retirement as a consultant

Steve Knight has retired as client services director at RDT, the insurance systems specialist, closing out a career that spans nearly 50 years in insurance technology and software development.

A well-known figure in the insurance industry, Steve began his career in 1966, writing programs in Assembler on an IBM mainframe. From the 1960s up to the present day, he has filled a wide range of senior roles across the industry and his career has traced all the major developments in insurance technology. (more…)

Agile software delivery at RDT



At the heart of RDT are seven delivery teams who innovate, develop and support our products. It is important to create the right environment for them to do this and deliver value to our customers. At RDT we use a style of working called Agile to achieve this.

Agile is an umbrella term for a number of lightweight delivery methods that were put together in 2001 by a group of leading business thinkers. They created the Agile Manifesto and 12 supporting principles, which together represent the ethos we want to create in our teams.

At RDT we use the Agile practice of “scrum” for the basis of our project management framework. (more…)

RDT’s centralised rating hub is an insurance ratings hit


Impressive volume figures from Markerstudy underline the benefits of using the RDT insurer-hosted rating hub

You may have seen recent media reports that the RDT rating hub is driving both value and volume for Markerstudy, the first insurer to implement the hub. Below are some of the benefits that Markerstudy is gaining and the advantages you could achieve for your business.

12 million quotes a day and rising
The UK and European motor specialist went live with RDT’s revolutionary platform in 2013 and has seen a rapid growth in transaction volume over the last 18 months as well as a 3.5% reduction in its loss ratio over the same period. The hub is now processing over 12 million quotes a day and is predicted to reach 20 million a day within the next year. (more…)

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