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RDT continues to grow their presence in Adelaide, Australia


RDT have opened their new office in Adelaide, Australia

RDT has had a successful presence in Australia for a number of years and we’re excited to announce that we’ve opened a new office in Adelaide, South Australia.

The Adelaide office is led by Director of Enterprise and Operations, Neil Regan, who relocated to Australia last November. The team supports our Australian client, RAA, and provides development for the Kent office. (more…)

RDT’s staff raise money for Sport Relief


RDT staff raise money for Sport Relief charity

RDT’s staff undertook a variety of different activities to raise money for Sport Relief.

Rather than a cake sale, we had a healthy fruit sale which was complemented by delicious hazelnut and date protein balls supplied by our database developer Avi.

The staff were also invited to dress up in sports clothes for the day.  We had a real mixture of outfits, including our Canadian ice hockey player Andy Wootton, Emma Box in ski gear, Rob Small as an orienteerer and Tim Bates in a classic 1980s shell suit. (more…)

RDT’s staff enjoy a night out at The Panic Rooms

RDT staff enjoy an active social life

RDT’s social team organised a fun night out for staff at escape-room attraction The Panic Room in Gravesend.

Two teams competed to see who could escape fastest from a room called ‘Ten Fathoms Deep’. In the game the quickest team gets into the escape pod and reaches the surface, while the other team ‘drowns’. The winning team escaped in 36.39 minutes, while the others took 43.34 minutes.

A third team had to escape from the ‘Enigma’ room, a detective game set in the Bletchley Park codebreaking centre.

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