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Employee Spotlight – Justin Cordingley, Head of Delivery


Justin Cordingley

Hi, I’m Justin Cordingley and I’m head of delivery at RDT Ltd. After getting my degree in civil engineering I began working as a structural engineer – there are a number of commercial developments in London that are seated on my designs and calculations. But then I was enticed by the excitement and pace of the IT industry and decided to leave structural engineering and try a new career as a software engineer.

I gained experience in this field in marketing, trade associations and financial services before moving into insurance when I joined RDT nine years ago. I’ve had great opportunities to progress here, working my way through to my current role where I’m responsible for the performance of our delivery teams and the release of all of RDT’s products. (more…)

All About Agile – Sprinting and the Daily Scrum


In our previous article on Agile meetings, we discussed sprint planning.  Let’s look at what happens next.

Sprinting and the Daily Scrum

Once we’ve finished sprint planning and have a commitment, we are ready to start the sprint. This is a two-week time box in which the team creates a tranche of working, potentially deliverable software. (more…)

Employee Spotlight – Allan Wishart, Account Manager


My background is very much in insurance and IT. In previous jobs I have had numerous roles including Project Manager, Business Analyst, Underwriter, Broker. Now I have joined RDT as an Account Manager, where my background means I understand what is going on from both the view of the client and from the view of RDT.

I have had previous dealings with RDT from the client side. I was part of the team that selected Landscape as a solution at one of our current client sites. I was really impressed with the company and with the product. When the opportunity arose to join RDT I was happy to take it. (more…)

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