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RDT has been developing software systems for insurers since 1991, helping them benefit from cutting edge technologies that increase efficiency, raise profitability and reduce fraud. Collaboration is one of our key principles and we work closely with our clients to create an infrastructure that’s right for their products and customers – one that delivers speed, market intelligence, and above all better business performance and competitive advantage.

That’s why RDT is a technology leader, an industry innovator you can rely on for growth and success, today and tomorrow.

Solutions & Services

RDT creates some of the UK’s most widely used insurance software. Our technology is popular because it makes insurance more profitable to sell and manage, and easier to buy. We’ve always been known for our innovations – in 1996 we developed the UK’s first insurance comparison website. Our latest initiative, the Atlas suite, can be tailored to fit any size of business; our clients range from household names to new disruptors, from volume market players with books of $2billion to niche players generating high return. Whether your business has reached the point where it needs the next push for growth, or is more speculative and innovative, we are experienced in delivering solutions and services to help you achieve your goals.

Atlas is flexible so that all our customers have the exact solution to suit them. It’s been designed to be hosted in Azure, with some solutions scaling up and down as demand dictates, meaning businesses pay only for what they use, when they use it.

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Thousands of end users

Millions of policies

Our general insurance administration platform, Landscape, is licenced to 19 businesses, with thousands of end users. We’ve spent years refining and perfecting it to get it where it is today; one of the most wide-ranging, scalable and user friendly solutions on the market. As Landscape is modular, businesses can take on the entire platform or just a few elements of it. It works brilliantly as a standalone platform, but when used in conjunction with Equator and Panorama, equips businesses with the most up-to-date, state-of-the art insurtech available.

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600 quotes a second

...or 50 million quotes day

Equator is the first truly agnostic data orchestration platform for insurers, allowing for the assessment of data from many sources and software systems (hence ‘agnostic’). It can generate 600 quotes a second. It won the Celent Model Insurer Analytics award in 2015.

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Five questions

Can you imagine answering five simple questions and getting a quote in as little as two minutes?  Most recently RDT developed the technology behind TRiCE, a new digital broker that sells direct to the public through a smart phone app. TRiCE, and the thinking behind it, has the potential to compete with the price comparison websites. The app instantly returns an accurately priced, properly underwritten quote after asking the customer just five questions. See the section on Panorama for more information about this technology.

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Renewal of vows

Key Claims signs multi-year contract with RDT

As Mulsanne’s claims arm commits to three years of using RDT’s products and managed service, the company’s CEO and claims director reveal the secret of their success.

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Webcast with InsTech London

RDT's CEO Mark Bates had a webcast with InsTech London

Watch RDT’s CEO, Brightside’s COO Richard Beaven and WeJo’s CEO Richard Barlow discussing insurance and innovation with InsTech London

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RDT partners with TAS

RDT has partnered with TAS in Australia

TAS is a provider of end-to-end cloud solutions in Australia and is known for delivering outstanding business outcomes in the financial services sector.

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Markerstudy commit to RDT

Client commits to further five years

Markerstudy have committed to a further five years using Landscape and Equator products from our Atlas platform

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