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Partners and Integrations

  • Microsoft

    RDT has been a Microsoft Partner since 2000 and is actively involved in the Microsoft UK partner community. RDT has Gold Application Development, Gold Application Integration and Gold Cloud Platform competencies, the highest level of expertise recognised by Microsoft.

    We work closely with Microsoft to ensure that we adopt their latest products to help us improve our own solutions.

  • Kofax

    Kofax CCM

    Efficient and effective communication with customers during the initial, information-intensive First Mile™ of business engagement, and beyond, creates a lasting bond that enhances the customer experience.

    Kofax Customer Communications Manager™ is a flexible yet powerful platform designed to effectively create tailored and personalized documents that can be delivered in the customer-preferred formats, including email, SMS or via portals. You are empowered to create a more agile business environment and improve the customer experience with timely, relevant and personalized communications. And you can do it all with minimal reliance on the IT department. Customer Communications Manager enables business users to quickly and easily create customized documents and manage all outgoing communications.

  • Experian


    Experian is a global provider of data accuracy, credit, fraud and identity management solutions. Its range of software helps insurers capture accurate data, cleanse database records, implement de-duplication solutions and focus on their target customer base.

    Some of our Atlas implementations have been integrated with various Experian components covering Data Quality, iCache (vehicle data), Hunter (fraud data) and Credit Bureau, resulting in more accurate pricing as well as reductions in Loss Ratio, application and claims fraud, returned mail and improved call centre efficiency.

  • Willis Towers Watson

    Willis Towers Watson’s rating and rules solution, Radar Live, supports a wide range of outputs to be deployed in real time at the point of quote for pricing and underwriting.

    Radar Live offers better pricing flexibility and responsiveness to market developments. It also creates material operational efficiencies and reduces the risk of costly rate implementation errors.

    The integration with RDT’s Atlas platform allows users to take full advantage of frequent rate adjustments and the ability to build more complex tariffs.  Rates are instantly available on the Atlas platform and accessible to all of an insurer’s relevant users, across all distribution channels.

  • BluJay

    BluJay Solutions

    Our partnership enables RDT to integrate Landscape with BluJay Solutions software which removes connection complexity and facilitates straight-through processing: connecting insurers, brokers and partners, irrespective of existing legacy and back office systems.

    In partnership with BluJay Solutions, we can offer our customers the capability to collect, transform and deliver information electronically within their partner community. The benefits are reduction of risks associated with delivering accurate information securely, ensuring deadlines are met and supporting regulatory standards and compliance requirements.

  • Thunderhead


    Thunderhead drives customer engagement by enabling measurement and learning from every interaction to build greater loyalty and increase profitability. Thunderhead NOW, its innovative business user-driven software, delivers new levels of personalisation, context and compliance with true multi-channel capability – the right information, to the right person, at the right time, in the right format.

    Thunderhead improves the way companies create and manage all their communications – from quotations, proposals and policies, to renewal notices, claims correspondence and billing statements – across print, web, email and mobile channels.

  • Citrix Ready

    Citrix Ready

    The Citrix Ready Program is a technology partner program that helps software, hardware and service providers to develop and integrate their products with Citrix technologies for Digital Workspace, Networking, and Analytics.

    After a robust testing process, validated partner solutions are listed in the Citrix Ready Marketplace, giving customers and channel partners a simple and effective way to explore and select Citrix Ready verified solutions, increasing confidence while reducing risk.

  • Citrix Service

    Citrix Service

    Providing cloud-enabled workspace services that are easy to deploy and infinitely scalable. This ensures business continuity and enables customers to mobilise their workforces and drive productivity.

    Real time analytics are available.  Customers have secure, simplified access and control of data across any device, platform or cloud.

  • Navisite


    NaviSite, a Time Warner Cable Company, is a leading worldwide provider of enterprise-class, cloud enabled hosting, managed applications and services.

    NaviSite provides a full suite of reliable and scalable managed services including Application Services, industry-leading Enterprise Hosting, and Managed Cloud Services for enterprises looking to outsource IT infrastructure and lower their capital and operational costs.

  • MIB

    MIB (MyLicence)

    RDT’s insurance software has been successfully integrated with the MyLicence service on the MIB Hub.

    This industry hub was developed by the MIB and holds a copy of the DVLA’s driving licence database. It provides insurers with the ability to access completely accurate driving licence data for a customer, such as convictions, disqualifications and penalty points. This is done at the point the customer applies for cover and requires only their Driving Licence Number. The accuracy of this data helps to prevents application fraud and improve pricing accuracy

  • SIRA

    Synectics (SIRA)

    SIRA is a comprehensive fraud prevention and detection solution from Synectics Solutions that has been sucessfully integrated with RDT’s insurance software solutions. The system brings together a multitude of machine learning algorithms which are used at the point of quote to check individuals details and reduce application fraud.

  • CRIF

    CRIF (Cue)

    RDT’s centralised rating platform Equator, as well as our policy administration system Landscape, has been integrated with CRIF’s Decision Solutions Radar data product.

    The integration means that clients of the powerful rating solution and general insurance policy administration system will be able to see more detailed information about the claims and underwriting history of an individual applying for insurance cover which can be used to increase pricing accuracy and decrease application fraud.

  • Verisk

    Verisk (Verify – Validus)

    RDT’s general insurance software has been successfully integrated with Verisk’s verify product.

    The verify platform enables users to exchange and view real-time claims information. It incorporates workflow technology that helps automate claim processes, lessenging the reliance on human interation and increasing the consistency of outcome.

  • Audatex

    Audatex – Audabridge

    Audabridge helps deliver efficiency, business continuity and the highest standards of customer service. It provides reliable data interchange between all parties involved in the claims process.

    Within RDT’s product suite, Audabridge is used for motor crash repairs to support the claims repair estimation and payment process by automatically updating claim reserves and payments without the need for user involvement.

  • Document Logistix


    Document Logistix’s software is a document scanning and archiving solution which has been integrated with Landscape, RDT’s policy administration solution.

  • Invu


    Invu Document Management is a scalable solution which enables paper documents to be rapidly scanned in. Once within Invu they can be processed, classified, audited and securely stored.

  • Arnie


    Arnie provides our Australian clients with the ability to streamline the auto repair claim process by automating workflows, linking key stakeholders, repairers and industry data – car valuation guides and parts lists – into one centralised platform.

  • PAF Royal Mail


    The Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF) puts the latest, most accurate UK address data at our clients disposal.

    PAF provides access to 1.8 million UK postcodes and over 29 million residential and business addresses.

  • TAS


    TAS has been Australia’s trusted technology partner and compliance expert for the financial services sector for more than 30 years. They have built a reputation for delivery of outstanding business outcomes with their end-to-end cloud services.

    Their four pillars of expertise are infrastructure, network, productivity and security solutions.

    RDT’s partnership with TAS offers the Australian insurance market a complete managed service underpinned by robust governance and security frameworks. Clients benefit from increased efficiency and market share, alongside reduced operation and compliancy overheads.

  • InsTech London

    InsTech London

    The primary purpose of InsTech London is to pull together a group of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals from across the insurance market and enable them to meet like-minded folk and provide them with a hub to explore ways to maximise the opportunities offered by technology.

    This promotes and supports innovation in London, the technologies that will underpin it, and the people who want to make it happen.

  • Insurtech Australia

    Insurtech Australia

    Supporting the insurtech community in Australia, members include insurtech startups, insurers, accelerators and more.

    Together the members collaborate to foster an ecosystem of insurtech innovation.

  • MGAA


    Managing General Agents (MGAs) are an important, established and fast-growing sector of the UK insurance industry.  More than 300 MGAs underwrite over 10 per cent of the UK’s £47billion general insurance market premiums.

    The Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA) was formed in 2011 to represent MGAs, lobby on their behalf, communicate their considerable benefits and drive best practice.

    As a not-for-profit organisation, the MGAA, its board of directors and specialist committees, focus entirely on shaping the future of delegated underwriting in the UK.

  • SightCall

    SightCall is the world’s leading augmented-reality powered video cloud platform, delivering live, remote interactions between business and customers on every continent around the globe. In a connected, mobile-first world, businesses leveraging SightCall have the ability to see what their customers see and guide them remotely. With over 10 years of experience in remote video assistance, SightCall helps businesses transform their customer service and field service with the power of augmented reality and live video. For more information, visit https://sightcall.com/industries/insurance