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All About Agile – Sprint Planning

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In our previous article on Agile meetings we discussed how we prepare user stories for the teams. Let’s look at what happens next.

Sprint Planning

Once a user story has been prepared and given priority in the product backlog the team will take this work into the sprint planning meeting. This session is where the team plans out what must be done to deliver it. This will include tasks around design, development and testing, including performance.

Some of these sessions can get quite technical and detailed so we need to make sure it is facilitated well, which is the job of the scrum master. It’s likely that a lot of questions will crop up, so having the product owner at hand is recommended.

The outcome of this session is a commitment to complete a number of user stories. We know how many user stories we can finish by using historical data and the capacity of the team over the two-week sprint period. At the end of the sprint planning meeting the team is asked if they are happy with the commitment.

Everyone being happy to proceed signals the start of the sprint. The team uses a tool to manage the work as well as a visualisation on a wall in the team space – we are now ready for sprinting!

Keep an eye out for our next post on ‘Sprinting’ and the ‘Daily Scrum’.