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RDT use agile methodology for insurance software delivery

All about Agile – the review of ‘waste’ to target process improvement

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Organisations and teams can be very wasteful in their processes and behaviours.  At RDT we are committed to understanding where there’s waste in our delivery method, and removing it so that we have a leaner overall process – saving everyone time and money.

Waste can be an emotive word but what we mean is:

  • What the team is being asked to do over and above the sprint commitment
  • What processes or tools slow engagement, development, testing and release
  • What outside distractions affect the way our teams work

We categorise waste in seven areas:

  • Partially done work
  • Extra features
  • Re-learning/extra processes
  • Hand offs
  • Delays
  • Task switching
  • Defects

Our scrum masters are trained to collect data from the teams, look holistically across the organisation and to target process improvement.

Waste collection and analysis is “lean thinking”, and is an example of how we use a variety of methods to improve the way that we work.

If you want to learn more about the seven categories of waste, drop us a comment and we can break them down to posts in the future.