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RDT use agile methodology for insurance software delivery

All about Agile – the sprint review

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In our last article on Agile meetings, we discussed the Sprint and Daily Scrums. Let’s take a look at what happens next.

Sprint Review

At the end of the two-week sprint the team have completed all the user stories and will have a tranche of potentially shippable code. The product owner would have been validating the work during the sprint, however we have a formal meeting called the sprint review to finalise this. It is a meeting to get the team to demonstrate their work to clients, stakeholders and possibly to the other teams.

It is important that the team takes ownership of this session, it is their time to shine and show off what they have achieved. The sprint review is also an opportunity to get further feedback, resulting in new or amended features which go into the product backlog for later delivery.

After the sprint review the team and the product owner decide on whether to release the code immediately, or store as part of a wider release. At RDT we have monthly releases, so our clients see a regular release pattern.

Keep an eye out for our next article on Retrospectives.