Author: Emma Box

RDT partners with Sightcall

RDT’s Insurance Platform, ATLAS, allows P&C insurers to deliver digital first experiences, optimise their operational efficiency, and deliver the ease of ownership that customers value. Through our partnership with Sightcall, a leading video cloud platform service, we’ve introduced video claims servicing into our solution, allowing claims operators to work with the customer to take control of the claim as early as possible, remotely view any damages and speed up settlement times whilst also reducing claims costs.

  • Lead your FNOL process with a video call that is controlled by your call centre agents
  • Reduce travel costs for loss assessors
  • Get real-time, visual confirmation of the damage to assist with total loss assessment, accurate reserving and fraud detection
  • Capture and store images that allow you to validate information previously provided about the condition of the car, e.g. modifications
  • Enable personalised claims communications based on images captured Not sure what we mean by this one?
  • Improve the efficiency of onwards claims processing

Get in touch with RDT today to arrange a demo of our browser based FNOL solution.

Co-op Insurance switches to Landscape

RDT is delighted to announce that the underwriting arm of Co-op Insurance is running its claims operation on our general insurance solution, Landscape.

RDT’s long-standing customer, Markerstudy, completed its purchase of the underwriting part of Co-op Insurance two weeks ago, and since going live motor and household claims processing on behalf of Co-op Insurance – which remains part of the Co-op group – has been handled by Landscape.

A version of Landscape was configured and deployed to handle the Co-op Insurance motor and household claims, which RDT runs in Azure as a managed service. RDT updates all the software, monitors the system’s live running and performance, and ensures its smooth operation day-to-day. The solution is also scalable, meaning that RDT can add resources to it as needed so it can cope with peaks in demand.

Markerstudy’s Group Underwriting Director Gary Humphreys said: ‘We have a good working relationship with the team at RDT, which has strengthened and evolved as Markerstudy has grown and our technology requirements have matured. I class RDT as one of our trusted service providers; they’re forward-thinking and agile – so we make a good partnership.’

RDT’s CEO Mark Bates said: ‘We’re delighted to carry on what has been a very successful ten-year relationship with Markerstudy. We’ve seen them go from having about 40 users on our solution to more than 1500, and that was before the Co-op purchase. We’ve been part of their journey and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. This is another successful implementation, and we’re looking forward to the next one.’