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Clients & Case Studies

  • Trice insurance

    TRiCE Insurance

    “We’ve embraced super technology, technology that’s so much more advanced than everyone else’s, working in conjuction with RDT.”

  • markerstudy

    Markerstudy Group

    “Our strategy for growth focuses on technology – to improve the customer experience and our internal processes – as we invest heavily to ensure we are at the forefront of insurtech advancements.  RDT understand this desire, and have proven to be an equal partner in supporting our aspirations.”

  • RAA


    “RDT got the system in on time and in budget and two months after ‘go live’ we made a record month in premium income. Landscape gives us a holistic view of our customers on one centralised platform and far greater control of our products and sales”

  • DirectLine group

    Direct Line Group

    “The ability to buy Landscape as a packaged solution and adapt it extensively has allowed Direct Line to enter a market it would otherwise have found cost prohibitive… Landscape’s flexibility enables Direct Line to take a unique, holistic view of customers with its portfolio solution and provide them with a proactive, market leading customer experience… The scalability of the platform will allow new schemes to be added as the market grows.”

  • Key Claims & Administration

    Key Claims

    “Landscape is very user-friendly. It’s highly effective for us to track our staff’s productivity and ensure tasks are being completed in line with our client’s SLAs. Prior to the implementation of Landscape in 2013 we were entirely paper-based. It seems like a lifetime ago, we were pushing vast amounts of paper around our business, so it’s been a massive sea change and it’s worked very well for us.”

  • kgm


    “RDT will enable us to improve significantly the delivery of documentation to our broker community direct from Landscape…with improved security, speed, efficiency and the associated cost savings.”

  • Somerset Bridge

    Somerset Bridge

    “RDT delivers all-round consistent performance as our technology solutions partner. Landscape has helped Somerset Bridge streamline its claims processing and increase efficiency, at the same time enabling us to provide an improved service to our customers.”

  • Direct Commercial

    Direct Commercial

    “Landscape gives us real business flexibility. The bespoke MI via the reporting function supports our informed business decision making. Direct Commercial has seen a 300 per cent growth in business in the past four years, underpinned by our partnership with RDT.”

  • Carraig

    Carraig Insurance Ltd

    “RDT excels in its technical ability and the flexibility and quality of the Landscape system. Landscape is key to Carraig’s business and is the best system around.”