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Agile Delivery Manager Jon Lawrence

Employee Spotlight – Agile Delivery Manager Jon Lawrence

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Hi, I’m Jon Lawrence and I’ve worked at RDT as an Agile Delivery Manager since 2018.

I’m responsible for the performance of a team, or teams, by acting as their ‘servant leader’, coaching and guiding them to deliver working software to our clients.

When I started here I made a point of understanding what was already working within the teams, before looking at what improvements could be made.  Part of this involved understanding the products we are delivering and the practices that were already in place.

I’m working with two teams at the moment and we continually change processes, as there’s always room for improvement.  I also look to support the company with organisational change to find ways we can all improve.  Two months ago we held a session with our CEO Mark Bates to discuss ways to boost efficiency.  Each team brought forward their own ideas about how we can work better and deliver more quickly and efficiently.  We were able to surface some good stuff and it is already making a difference.

RDT is set up perfectly for Agile delivery, the open plan office style really lends itself to best Agile processes.  RDT has empowered me to help at both organisational and team level with our Agile practices and processes.  The people here make the job enjoyable and the work achievable.

The office is in a good location but I live on the coast, so I have to commute a fair distance into work.  However I car share with another Agile Delivery Manager and we discuss ideas during the journey, which is a really productive way to travel!  I really enjoy working here, there are great people to work with and there is a real feeling of community at RDT.


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