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Associate Software Engineer Sanyam Yadav is in our Employee Spotlight this month

Employee Spotlight – Associate Software Engineer Sanyam Yadav

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I joined in May 2018 as an Associate Software Engineer, I was lucky that the Company saw my potential and offered to sponsor me.  I was born in India and completed my schooling there, but chose to study at Edinburgh University – BEng (Hons) Computer Science.  My degree focused on a range of modules including object orientated programming and databases. I was involved in developing internet games and worked in teams to create robots. My final year thesis was to design & develop a mobile app, which has come in very handy for my first project at RDT!

The project I am currently working on is TRiCE; a mobile app, which provides a quote in seconds on a variety of different types of insurance (motor, home, pet & gadget) and is available to download in the real-world. I am very excited about its capabilities. There are many aspects to consider, such as making sure it is compatible with all mobile formats – a big project!  Since joining the team, I have not worked on the same thing twice so the learning aspect has been huge; it really broadens your mind working here. The challenge I face every day, is my own knowledge, which is definitely growing with the work we are doing. I have experienced Engineers and mentors around me and this collaborative environment helps me to develop quickly.

I love working in an Agile environment. The stand-up meeting is a great way to start the day, we get to know the previous day’s progress, what everyone is working on and it ensures that everyone is collaborating. It makes our approach to the project very flexible and means the finished product is exactly what is required. We also have lots of involvement from Mark Bates (CEO) with requests coming directly from him; it is exciting to be involved.

The work environment here is very nice, really friendly; it’s just like the video, I’d say it’s very close to being the perfect place to work. I really enjoy the downtime when I play on the table football with my friends. I also enjoy the office banter within my team, and especially when we have birthdays or charity days, which means cake!

It is meaningful to me to know that I have a real impact with my work. I know people are downloading and using TRiCE which is really exciting; I hope more people use it and find it useful.

If there is one thing I have learnt from RDT it is not to limit yourself as there is always something new to learn.