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Associate Support Analyst Kelly-Jo Bartlett

Employee Spotlight – Associate Support Analyst Kelly-Jo Bartlett

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Hi, I am Kelly-Jo and I joined RDT as an associate support analyst in 2019.

My background is fairly unusual as when I left school I went to live at the British Racing School in Newmarket and trained to be a jockey – a far cry from working in IT!

I got into IT by working as a PA at GEC Marconi, which later became BAE Systems.  While I was the IT director’s PA I job shadowed an IT analyst, and when he left I took over his role.  After nearly 20 years with the company I left in 2015 to start a family, and was a stay-at-home mum for four years.

When I decided to go back to work there were very few jobs available that would let me work just during school hours.  I applied for, but didn’t get, a promising-sounding role at RDT, but a few weeks later their HR Director Fiona Mason contacted me to say she may have something suitable.

Fiona was also in touch with another candidate, Debs Brady, and thought that the two of us could job share.  We were both looking to return to work, had IT backgrounds, and were willing to learn.  After interviewing us both Fiona introduced us, and we agreed our preferred days so they suited both of us.

The role we perform is first-line support for all of RDT’s clients.  After four years of watching Peppa Pig it was a huge culture shock for me!  However, Debs and I help each other out and we are both still learning, but everyone here has been so supportive.  It is clear that everyone at RDT wants this to work and they are giving us the support we need.

I have been fortunate to have had time at home with my son, but it’s lovely to be surrounded by adults and to be ‘me’ again.  I feel like I have settled really well into the team and I appreciate all the support I have been given.

Debs and I get on really well and we work very well together.  We speak outside of work, pass information over and cover for each other when we need to switch days – RDT has been open to the flexibility we both need.  This means that we’re happy to give back, spend our own time sometimes and collaborate when needed.

I feel lucky to have this job doing something I want to do, and making friends in the process, and privileged to have found a company that offers such a great work-life balance, even to a part-time employee.

HR Director Fiona Mason said: ‘This isn’t the first time we have supported returners to the workplace as it is a great source of talent for us.  It is, however, our first formal returnship programme on a job-share basis, and I am delighted to see how well it is working.  We will continue to seek innovative ways to identify talent and to develop our people to be the best they can be.  I watch for more success stories from our returners.’