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Client Support & MNS Analyst Monika Stankovicova

Employee Spotlight – Client Support & MNS Analyst Monika Stankovicova

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Hi, I am Monika Stankovicova and I joined RDT’s West Malling office in February 2018 as a Client Support & Managed Service Analyst.

Following my degree, I worked for several years in the insurance sector in a role which provided me with extensive knowledge of change processes and Portfolio Management.  I worked closely with different parts of the business due to the nature of my role and my passion for technology and innovation was re-ignited as I became more exposed to the wonders of software development and coding.

Currently, at RDT I work in our  Client Support Team which supports our clients with with service requests, change requests, upgrades, releases and any incidents they may have along with supporting our Managed service with planning and reporting.

I am also involved in the clients’ update calls, where we discuss ticket progress and ensure we are fulfilling clients’ needs and requirements.

Change management plays an important role in what we do. I have to ensure that standardised methods and procedures are used for prompt handling of new change requests.  These will be then evaluated and discussed at our Change Advisory Board (CAB) and if approved, new changes delivered to our clients.

The team primarily uses Kanban, an Agile methodology.  This allows us, on a daily basis, to schedule and track the progress of tickets and enables us to work in a collaborative way to provide solutions to our clients.

I have been very fortunate to be given opportunities to grow professionally and complete industry recognised qualifications. RDT is a great company and a super place to work ; liaising  with experts in a collaborative way day in day out to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers. The company is continuously growing and creating innovative technology for our clients and customers such as Equator, Atlas and new mobile app Trice – “RDT is creating the technology of tomorrow”.

Client Services Team Manager Ciaran Rowe commented: “Monika’s experience and professionalism combined with her natural enthusiasm have been a great asset to me personally since taking over management of the team at the start of the year.  Her appetite to learn new things is an example to us all.”

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