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Senior Software Engineer Ross Cannizzaro

Employee Spotlight – Senior Software Engineer Ross Cannizzaro

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Hi, I’m Ross Cannizzaro and I’m a senior software engineer at RDT.  I graduated with a degree in computer science from the University of South Australia.  I started my career through the uni’s graduate program, having worked for them as a contractor during my studies, and on completion of the program was given a full time role there.  After that I joined a financial services company before coming to work at RDT’s office in Adelaide, where I’ve been ever since.

RDT provides a good office environment, which is why I’d recommend it as a great place to work.  I have good work-life balance because all our projects are very well scoped.  We use agile principles and we plan well, so work rarely runs over time.  I find it very satisfying to get the job done while maintaining good technical application.

I’ve worked on varied projects in my time with RDT. I developed an application for generating templated test evidence out of Microsoft MTM which makes use of Web API and Angular JS, among other things.  Most recently we’ve worked on a virtual consultant which is capable of handling incoming email correspondence and can perform recognition and processing of attachments.  My team also helped to update the user interface of our flagship product, Landscape.

I’ve enjoyed being able to contribute to the company along the way. I was involved in a project that made performance profiling easier, and held an information-sharing session so that others could benefit.

RDT offers a working environment that people don’t want to leave, which speaks volumes about the professionalism and respect it offers to employees, and I look forward to helping the company deliver in future.

We are recruiting.  Visit our job vacancies page if you’re looking for a position in a cutting-edge insurance software environment.  Alternatively, feel free to contact us to find out more about what we do.