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Software Engineer David White is in our Employee Spotlight this month

Employee Spotlight – Software Engineer David White

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Hi, I’m David White and I’m a software engineer here at RDT.

My career in software engineering began at RDT in 2002, after I graduated from university. I was involved in the development of Landscape, our policy administration system, which is now at the centre of everything we do.

I moved on to other jobs based in London but decided to come back to work here at RDT. The location means that I can cycle to work, which I really enjoy, and I have a far better work-life balance than when I used to commute to London every day.

The company is a lot bigger now than it was 17 years ago, with a larger office, better processes, and even more up-to-date technology. The quality of the software being produced is better than ever, and I can see a lot of those improvements have been brought about by automated testing and agile development. I have also found that it is good to get experience of asynchronous code and web services.

I’ve worked in three teams since re-joining RDT. Regularly moving around like that keeps things fresh, and has given me exposure to different areas within the business. I particularly enjoy pair programming with my colleagues, as we’re able to bounce ideas off each other which helps us to create better work. It is extremely beneficial to projects and it means that knowledge is shared in a natural way.

The team I’m working in right now has well-defined agile processes, which helps us work to deadlines. Our agile approach and emphasis on quality allows us to work faster and more accurately. The office is designed to work in this way, with each team having their own area, and there is plenty of room for ad-hoc meetings. It makes for a good environment to be able to communicate with your colleagues.

I can only see the company expanding and developing from here onwards. RDT is a great company to work for, it treats its employees well.  Moving back to my first place of employment has been great for me and my family – I work locally with great tech, and I avoid the dreaded commute to London.

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