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I’ve always been interested in technology and I watched it change, mainly with mobile phones and their capability, as I was growing up.  Because of this interest I decided to study for a degree in computer systems engineering.  I went to the University of Kent, and the course gave me a really good insight into the industry and helped me choose my direction.

After graduating I joined RDT as part of the QA team.  I wanted to work at RDT for two main reasons – I liked the job description because it matched the areas I enjoyed at university, and I wanted a role in a technical company that was close to home.

The development at RDT operates under agile principles and I’m getting a great understanding what it’s like to work in an agile environment.  It’s highly collaborative and fast-paced. I particularly enjoy the code review process that the core automation teams perform, where they check what’s been submitted and make sure the criteria was met.  This is key to making sure the quality is up to scratch and suits clients’ requirements.  I also attend various meetings and am making a conscious effort to contribute as much as possible.

I’ve learnt so much already about all the different software we use, such TFS, Spec flow (MTM), Odin Axe, and the different types of testing.  The technology used at RDT is so current there is a lot more to learn, but everyone here is really supportive and always willing to explain things.

I have found RDT to be a really friendly company to work for.  There is a very relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, a ‘work hard play hard’ attitude and everyone gets along really well.  The communication is great and you can learn from everyone’s experience.