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Damini Singh

Hi, I’m Damini Mullen, and I work for RDT as a product owner. I began working here just over five years ago, starting out as a business analyst.

I’ve spent my career working mostly in financial services and insurance, from credit card companies to life insurance, and now general insurance.

The work at RDT ranges from regulatory compliance requirements resulting from CCD (consumer credit directive) and HM Sanctions, to implementing Landscape policy administration and claims modules for household and motor insurers. I have also been involved in website changes for our clients and also building new modules, such as campaign management, as web-based solutions.

Right now I’m responsible for the integration of Landscape with Kofax, the new document output solution at RDT. This will replace Landscape’s current Word-based ‘standard letters’ solution.  I am also working on designing a product for household insurers using external enrichment sources for improved quote management and underwriting.

Working at RDT has been and continues to be an interesting journey. We are constantly looking at ways to improve the way we work, building new products, and encouraging innovation. The adoption of Agile methodology a few years back has completely changed the way we work. Working with development teams using agile/scrum processes in two week iterative sprints has improved our productivity and the quality of what gets done. As a product owner, it has enabled me to work more closely with our clients, as there is much more visibility during the entire process, leading to improved customer engagement.