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Ed Bonham

Hello, I’m Edward Bonham and I joined RDT in the autumn of 2014. I work at the West Malling office as a senior engineer in the Customer Service Team – my role is to work with the team to resolve issues that arise with our customers.

I wasn’t always a programmer. Through my early career I worked in horticulture; firstly as a grower of ornamental trees and hops, and then as a researcher into the branching in fruit trees. All the time though I was learning how to manage data, from payroll information to experiment results, in computerised form. This led to the decision to use these skills more, so I joined Lloyds of London as a developer. For the years I was there, I learnt a lot about the insurance market as well as how to produce quality software, including some business-critical, internationally used web sites. So when I was looking for a new challenge, RDT seemed an obvious choice.

Since joining RDT I’ve continued to learn about both the insurance industry and the production of the highest quality software. Landscape is an interesting system to work on, as it handles the intricacies of insurance along with connectivity to external systems. It utilises a good selection of technologies to fulfil its customers’ needs, which is always interesting for a developer. I’ve recently been working on some diverse areas, from accounting calculations to document generation involving third-party software, to workflow processing. And all of this in a relaxed and friendly office!