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Gary Harrison

I am Gary Harrison and I am the Head of IT Operations at RDT.

As the Head of IT Operations I look after everything that is IT infrastructure related here.

On a day-to-day basis my main responsibility is to ensure that everyone in my team is able to work to their full potential, in turn this ensures the systems are running and the business is supported with all its IT needs.  RDT makes this easier with the open plan layout in the office, meaning that I am able to work collaboratively with my colleagues, within my team and other business units, which promotes discussion and helps to generate ideas and solutions in the office.  On the flip side, when needed, the flexible nature that RDT offers makes it possible for me to work from home or individually in the office to get my managerial and administration jobs completed without the distraction of being amongst an active support team.

We utilise standard corporate systems such as email, SharePoint, and business software used by the HR and finance teams, which must be functional for the day to day working of the office.  Our developer teams have systems, which they rely on in order to produce, test and track software until delivery to our clients.  We have cloud systems, which must be operational which consists of approximately 500 virtual computers that need to be managed by my team.  In addition to this, with our Atlas managed service offering we have clients to support within our Azure based infrastructure.

I have been working at RDT for five years now and I have seen it grow from around forty people to over one hundred.  The company has really matured and developed during that time including my team that has now tripled in size from when I started.

By moving to RDT I have been given a good work life balance, whilst continuing to be pushed by the quality of work I am required to complete.  With RDT being a Microsoft Gold ISV and a Citrix Ready partner / Service Provider, it provides us with access to the latest software from both vendors meaning we are always looking at the latest and greatest offerings.  This is an enabler for moving both our corporate solutions and our product software stack forward on the front of the industry curve meaning technology does not get stale at RDT.

I get most satisfaction from delivering new technology or solutions to clients.  It is probably the most stressful time, but when everything works you get a really good feeling from knowing you had a positive impact on the client.

Not only do I enjoy the working aspects of my job, but the social side here at RDT is very varied and diverse, which is great.  RDT’s social calendar allows everyone to mix with people from other teams that we may not usually speak to on a day-to-day basis.  There is an opportunity for everyone to put forward and try new activities which is always fun.

I look forward to being part of the companies continued evolution and growth in the future.