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Gavin Edwards

Hi, I am Gavin Edwards and I work at RDT as the Principal Release Manager.

I completed a degree in Computer Science at Warwick University, after which I spent some time in technical support and release management roles before joining RDT.

My move to work locally was for personal reasons as I had recently had my first child and wanted to be closer to home.  I previously had a two-hour commute each way to London, so this move had a huge positive impact on my work-life balance.  Finding a company like RDT meant that I was able to meet my need to reduce the commute with working for a forward-looking tech firm.

My day to day role here sees me co-ordinating releases for multiple delivery teams.  I liaise with them to find out what they are currently working on and their timescales for completion.  Our clients have varying appetites for the frequency and timing of their releases and we need to ensure that we deliver the highest quality product to them on time.

We have delivery teams in Kent and Halifax in the UK as well as in Adelaide, Australia.  Although we may be geographically separate, we all work together on the same software suite and I liaise with all teams to ensure that they make deadlines, their code changes are all tested and merged into the central code, and that the code is then prepared for release to our clients.  I know that I am helping to deliver a quality product to our clients.

One of the positives of working at RDT is that everyone is really approachable.  You can go up to people and ask them about anything.  The company has a close-knit family feel to it.  You can put names to faces, it’s a nice culture in a good location.

Unlike previous jobs I have had, usually in larger teams where it is easy to feel somewhat lost, I know my voice is heard and considered at RDT.  There is a real community spirit, which not only makes the environment a nice place to work in, but also creates a space for people to learn from one another to ultimately grow and expand together as a company.