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Sam Jones

I am Sam Jones and I am a Senior Business Systems Analyst here at RDT.

Before working for RDT I worked for four years at an insurance company which gave me a really solid understanding of general insurance.  This understanding of insurance underpins everything that I do as a business analyst here.

I have been given an opportunity by RDT to gain qualifications including my BCS BA Diploma.  This opportunity for self-development gives me a platform to put into practice the acquired skills, both technical and functional, for the benefit of RDT and our clients.

I feel that the willingness to evolve and advance is not just specific to RDT’s employees, but also to the business as a whole, which is forever seeking self-improvement by providing employees with a safe space to voice their opinions and ideas, and to most importantly, be heard.

The work I do here is varied.  I have just finished working on two integrations involving third party extracts within our policy administration system, Landscape, and I have since begun to work on introducing new policy types.  On a day-to-day basis, I integrate myself between communication with the Product Owner, the business itself, and the development team.  This balance allows for a thriving working environment, as I am able to work both collaboratively with my team, as well as individually on certain analytical tasks.

Recently I have completed the task of organising two training sessions, one focused on third party batch feeds, and the other centred around API claims.  In taking on this responsibility I have realised just how much my confidence has grown whist working for this company.  I feel that I can and am able to reach out of my comfort zone and take on new tasks I would have otherwise not felt comfortable doing.

Although balancing my workload can sometimes prove a challenge, it has pushed me to refine my time management skills, again encouraging self-development.  I feel confident with the complexity and quality of my work, and I feel that I work with some really great people.