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RDT works with young people to improve their skills and future prospects

Exclusive – Premiere of RDT’s Tech, Talent and Agile videos!

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Earlier this year we ran an article about our partnership with Wrotham School, and in particular how their international baccalaureate film students had collaborated with us to produce a number of short films.

The students were split into three groups and each was given a different remit to fulfil.

Agile – how we work with Agile here, and what benefits we gain from this style of working
Tech – highlighting how we use tech and what this means to our developers
Talent – how we recruit and what the experience at RDT is like for our trainees

For a while we were embargoed from publishing the videos as they needed to be submitted and marked.  Now that this has been lifted we are really excited to be able to share them with our employees and with the world.

We premiered with our people this week, and now we can present these amazing videos to you!

AGILE               TECH                TALENT

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