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Eldon connects to MyLicence with RDT's policy administration system

RDT facilitates MyLicence connection for Eldon

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RDT are pleased to announce that Eldon Insurance Services (Eldon), the Newcastle-based claims specialist, has connected to MyLicence through RDT software. Eldon has been using RDT’s Landscape administration platform since 2011 and the platform was upgraded and refined in 2015 to support MyLicence.

MyLicence is a collective project between the DVLA, the Department for Transport and the insurance industry (represented by the Association of British Insurers and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau). The aim is to enable insurers to obtain driver licence data from the DVLA when a person applies for motor insurance, which will reveal key risk details such as convictions, disqualifications, penalty points, driving entitlements, and the length of time a licence has been held. The resulting profile helps motor insurers reduce fraud, increase straight-through processing and improve pricing.

RDT’s MyLicence component was integrated into Landscape in August 2015, allowing all Landscape users to handle the electronic data exchange requirements of MyLicence. Eldon follows Markerstudy, the motor specialist, who was the first RDT client to connect.

RDT CEO Mark Bates said: “We are pleased that the latest version of Landscape is enabling our clients to connect swiftly and easily to MyLicence, a transformative project for our industry and one that has gained good momentum since going live.”

Ashton West OBE, chief executive at MIB, added: “Eldon joins a growing number of insurers using MyLicence as part of the application process for their customers buying insurance. This means that through the provision of quality data at the point of quote, sale and claim, these insurers are benefiting from more accurate pricing, are providing a better customer experience and combatting insurance fraud.”