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RDT employees sharing knowledge

How sharing knowledge shapes RDT employees

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We believe that the sharing of knowledge is key for the success of any organisation, which is why RDT’s offices are designed to encourage conversations. Each team has its own dedicated area within the open-plan office and there are lots of meeting places where people can get together to stay connected and informed.

RDT employees sharing knowledge

We work using agile methodology, which promotes discussion and the sharing of thoughts, ideas and knowledge. This sharing of information increases motivation, innovation and much more.

RDT employees sharing knowledge

It’s particularly important for an employee to be kept in the loop when they’re in a new role, but even more so when they’re just starting their career. That’s why we assign mentors to our trainees and graduates.

Over the coming months we’ll be publishing articles about some of our trainees and graduates and their mentors. We wanted to find out how mentoring works for them, and if the sharing of knowledge is a two-way street!

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