Discover how our cutting-edge automation solution empowers our clients to streamline operations, enhance efficiency and adapt to industry demands. From claims processing to policy management, ACE simplifies workflows, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Reduce operating expenses
Reduce operating expenses

Reduce processing time, eliminate bottlenecks and ensure accuracy with streamlined workflows and automation

Increase customer satisfaction
Increase customer satisfaction

Deliver faster response times and superior service to your clients with smoother, more personalised workflows utilising technology and the human touch


Equip your operations for any scenario with our adaptable automation software. Whether facing spike events or seasonal fluctuations, our platform smoothly scales up to handle raised transaction volumes while maintaining agility

Out of the box functionality

ACE offers a range of predefined workflow templates tailored for the insurance sector, along with the flexibility to customise and develop your own workflows. With a library of industry-standard integrations and the capability to expand this library as needed, ACE integrates via API, fostering smooth collaboration and compatibility across modern and legacy platforms. This provides control  over interactions between disparate systems, across various lines of business.

Artificial intelligence

ACE can harness data from external sources, creating a living system capable of self-learning and continuous improvement. Thousands of data points are at your disposal as the system meticulously records every decision made, allowing it to learn and adapt. 

Empower business users

ACE equips users with intuitive drag-and-drop workflow construction, integrated BPMN capabilities and comprehensive tools for process optimisation. Business users can customise workflows, adjust variables, conduct A/B testing, perform data mining and generate insightful reports. By automating tasks, ACE significantly boosts productivity, allowing teams to focus on strategic objectives.

Unlock digital transformation

Dream big but begin with a measured approach. Our journey towards digital transformation starts here, integrating intelligence into workflows one step at a time. Leverage ACE to empower anyone in your business in drafting new processes, while its data insights uncover inefficiencies, cost factors and opportunities for enhancement along the way.

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By automatically allocating claims to the recovery team, we reduce manual intervention and administrative overhead. This efficiency translates to faster processing times and improved overall productivity

Dan Price, Specialist Claims Manager

ACE in action

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