Built by insurance technology experts with over 30 years experience in personal lines, we offer a robust and intelligent solution for claims handlers to manage the claims lifecycle, from FNOL to settlement. 

By leveraging the capabilities of RDT, insurers can transform their claims operations, achieve cost savings,
and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive claims management system

Our adaptable system includes crucial functions such as FNOL/ENOL, fraud detection, payment processing,
omnichannel communication, workflow automation,
and audit trails.

Key Features

  • Fraud detection
  • Payment processing
  • Document handling
  • Enhanced workflow
  • API enabled
  • Pre-integrated ecosystem partners
  • Audit trails
RDT claims management platform

Empower claims handlers


Our scalable cloud-native claims management system provides insurers with a holistic solution for managing

With robust capabilities and user-friendly interfaces,
our platform empowers you to manage claims with
greater speed and precision.

Transform your claims handling process and deliver
superior service to your policy holders with our
comprehensive solution. Explore how our system can
transform your claims management process today.

Automate your claims

RDT claims processing
48M+ claims processed
48M+ claims processed
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Scalable to 50K+ claims a day
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1000s current claims handlers

Built for the insurance industry


RDT got the system in on time and in budget and two months after ‘go live’ we made a record month in premium income. The platform gives us a holistic view of our customers on one centralised platform and far greater control of our products and sales,


Serving a wide range of clients

  • Insurers
  • MGAs 
  • TPAs
  • Delegated Authority Brokers

Our software scales with your business requirements, delivering instant human-led decisions and seamless integrations. Customisable to fit your needs, it’s cost effective and allows you to grow the business without the headcount. 


Our claims management system can be configured to support various personal lines of business including:

  • Agriculture
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Classic car
  • Fleet
  • Household
  • Motor home
  • Motor trade
  • Motorcycle
  • Private motor

Integrate with ACE for Claims Automation

ACE, with its advanced automation capabilities, serves as an intelligent solution to streamline and automate claims processing efficiently. By leveraging ACE, insurers and MGAs can significantly enhance their operational efficiency and accuracy in managing claims.

Today, ACE automates claims processing for several of our largest customers and powers complex workflows for repair, recovery, indemnity, total loss, and personal injury.

ACE seamlessly integrates with the RDT claims management platform, offering a native pairing that optimises the workflow for users. It’s versatility also extends to other industry platforms, ensuring compatibility and smooth integration across diverse systems. This synergy not only simplifies the implementation process but also maximizes the benefits of automation, empowering businesses to achieve higher levels of productivity and customer satisfaction in their claims handling processes.

Speedier settlements

With ACE, straight through processing enables claims to be settled and paid on the same day, ensuring swift resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction. Utilising APIs and a network of pre-integrated ecosystem partners, ACE can integrate with both modern and legacy systems.

  • Library of insurance industry integrations
  • Out of the box functionality
  • Drag and drop workflow construction
  • Intelligent, rule-based decision-making
Explore ACE
ACE pays claims

Turbo-charge efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks with our ACE, freeing up time for claims handlers to focus on more complex and high-value activities, ultimately improving productivity and efficiency. By leveraging APIs and a network of pre-integrated ecosystem partners, ACE integrates into any modern or legacy system.

  • Implement customisable rules for claim allocation, reserves, and more
  • Reduce loss from human error 
  • Grow your business without increasing head count


See ACE in action

ACE core claims actions include:

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