Built by insurance technology experts with over 30  years experience in personal lines, our cloud-based, policy administration system is built to help insurers and MGAs simplify operations, improve efficiency, and grow revenue.

Whether you need a standalone policy solution or a comprehensive end-to-end platform with advanced claims and billing features, we’ve got you covered.

Policy management made easy


RDT’s policy administration software streamlines complex processes and is widely used across the UK insurance market. It includes EDI and MID management and is highly configurable to meet your unique requirements.

Our feature-rich software is adaptable to businesses of all sizes, offering a range of bespoke API’s that enable seamless connectivity to client-facing websites and intermediary platforms.

  • Onboard new customers and policies through EDI, API, or manual methods
  • Quote, renew, cancel and reissue
  • Manage billing, payments and reconciliation
  • Easily identify and assist vulnerable individuals
  • Manage brokers
  • Maintain audit trails for transparency and accountability
RDT policy administration software

Key features


Experience streamlined, comprehensive policy lifecycle management tailored for the insurance industry. Our software ensures swift and accurate processing while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

  • Stay up-to-date with regular feature updates
  • Manage payments seamlessly
  • Access, organise and produce documents effortlessly
  • Navigate regulations and compliance with ease
  • Highly commended insurance specific accounts features
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Scalable to 50K+ transactions a day
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Capable of hosting an unlimited amount of users
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Manages £1B+ GWP

Automated processing


To benefit from our award nominated process automation technology, ACE can be integrated with your existing policy administration system via APIs.

RDT’s ACE platform can increase efficiency across your insurance business through its low code workflows.

  • Streamlined workflows with automated processes

  • Accessible information when you need it

  • Secure verification processes

  • Industry specific integrations with external tools and services

Discover ACE
Automate claims with ACE

Built for the insurance industry


Our strategy for growth focuses on technology – to improve the customer experience and our internal processes – as we invest heavily to ensure we are at the forefront of insurtech advancements.  RDT understand this desire, and have proven to be an equal partner in supporting our aspirations.


Serving a wide range of clients

  • Insurers
  • MGAs 
  • TPAs
  • Delegated Authority Brokers

Our software scales with your business requirements, delivering instant human-led decisions and seamless integrations. Customisable to fit your needs, it’s cost effective and allows you to grow the business without the headcount. 


Our policy administration system can be configured to support various personal lines of business including:

  • Agriculture
  • Classic car
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Fleet
  • Household
  • Motor home
  • Motor trade
  • Motorcycle
  • Private motor

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