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Graduate recruitment day to hire new RDT staff

It’s graduate recruitment day at RDT today!

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Graduate recruitment day to hire new RDT staff

The RDT office is buzzing with activity today as it’s our graduate recruitment day.

Over the course of the day we will have ten graduates coming in to give them an opportunity to see our office and the way we work, and to give us an opportunity to talk to them about their experiences and find out a little about them and what they have to offer.

The graduates are seeking graduate software engineer and graduate QA engineer roles here at RDT.

Their first introduction to RDT is an Agile game with our Associate Scrum Master El Peters to warm all the candidates up.  While they do this they are assessed for their contribution and confidence

All graduates then undertake a number of interviews on a rotational basis :

  • An interpersonal interview is undertaken by our HR staff
  • Technical interviews are with Head of Delivery, Justin Cordingley; Lead Software Engineer, Richard Tyrrell; Head of Quality, Laura Bridge; Technical QA Lead, Praneet Srivastav or Senior Test Engineer, James Denton
  • An example overview, where the candidates present a piece of work that they have completed and discuss it with Software Engineer, Adam Page or Senior Software Engineer, Andy Foster
  • Finally, all graduates get some time with our newest Trainee – Joe Porter who joined us late last year after an internship and work experience with us.

We hope that the graduates enjoy their experience with us, we wish all of them the best of luck, and we look forward to working with the successful candidates in the future.