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Our People

Read about some of our team members and their experiences at RDT, in their own words.

Apprentices Phoebe and Tom

Phoebe and Tom

Apprentice Software Engineers

"When we began looking for our next apprentice in 2019 we were so impressed by the calibre of applicants that we ended up taking on two instead of one.  We spoke to them to find out what makes them tick, why they decided to apply for an apprenticeship with us, and what they hope for the future"

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IT Support Engineer Andy Wootton

Andy Wootton

Senior IT Support Engineer

"The IT team supports RDT’s internal systems and our managed service clients on Azure and Citrix, so I’m always being exposed to new technology, which means I am always learning"

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RDT Business Analyst Ciaran Rowe

Ciaran Rowe

Client and Managed Services Manager

"The Agile methodology adopted by the company means I get to work in a collaborative environment delivering value to clients and in short time frames"

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Finance Assistant Melanie Maclean

Melanie Maclean

Finance Reporting Analyst

"Being so local I have the work/life balance I didn’t have when I worked in London.  I feel really lucky to have found such a great company to work for"

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Senior Software Engineer James Dutton

James Dutton

Senior Software Engineer

"I soon grew to love the RDT company culture, strong work ethic, incredible working environment and great coffee!"

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RDT Release Manager Gavin Edwards

Gavin Edwards

Principal Release Manager

"I know that I am helping to deliver a quality product to our clients"

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RDT Business Analyst Sam Jones

Sam Jones

Senior Business Systems Analyst

"I feel confident with the complexity and quality of my work, and I feel that I work with some really great people"

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RDT Team Solution Architect Will O'Shea

Will O’Shea

Team Solution Architect

"Being a TSA involves a lot of development, mostly in C#, but I'm also part of discussions about product and technical roadmaps, which is interesting and gives a good balance"

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RDT Product Owner Phil Augé

Phil Auge

Product Owner

"The change was a fantastic opportunity for me and allowed me to grow my experience in both the software development environment and as a supplier rather than a customer"

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RDT Apprentice Software Engineer Joe Porter

Joe Porter

Senior Software Engineer

"I like working with knowledgeable people who are willing to share what they know"

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RDT Senior QA Engineer James Denton

James Denton

Senior QA Engineer

"As the team’s main QA engineer, I was involved from the beginning of every sprint and enjoyed participating in the agile rituals"

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Ian Gull

Ian Gull

Database Administrator

"Of all the things I do I find the project work the most fulfilling, especially data migration projects that involve significant contact with equivalent technical contacts at RDT’s customers"

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RDT Senior Software Engineer Edward Bonham

Ed Bonham

Lead Software Engineer

"Since joining RDT I’ve continued to learn about both the insurance industry and the production of the highest quality software"

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Business Analyst Chase Scott-Pearson

Chase Scott-Pearson

Business Systems Analyst

"There is a common understanding of the importance of team work and how we can draw on our individual talents, skills and knowledge to achieve our goals together"

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