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RDT considers employee wellbeing on World Mental Health Day

Nurturing employees on World Mental Health Day

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At RDT we wanted to support World Mental Health day by focusing on our employees’ wellbeing.

We started the day with a healthy competition to grow herbs by encouraging our staff to nurture something. We talked about tallest, biggest bushes, the most inventive display and who could grow their seeds in the most agile way!

Herb seeds

This is just a bit of fun and hopefully there will be some good entries to follow, but the serious message behind this was simply to nurture something, and to think about nurturing yourself!

At lunch time, we put on our walking shoes and took a 5k walk with colleagues. We got lucky as the sun was shining and the rain held off, as you can see in the picture of our Kings Hill walkers.

RDT employees

Our Halifax office also had a group of lunchtime walkers!

RDT employees

We eagerly await similar photographic evidence from our colleagues in Adelaide!

We also took the opportunity to launch our internal ‘Wellbeingintranet site, which our people can visit to get tips and advice on achieving wellbeing at work. Staff can also find out here about the steps we have taken over the past six months to train some of our staff as Mental Health Champions – we now have a qualified Mental Health First Aider, which is all part of our 2019 wellbeing initiative.