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RDT CEO to lead discussions at InsTech London motor insurance event

RDT CEO Mark Bates to take centre stage at InsTech London event

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RDT CEO Mark Bates is to take centre stage at InsTech London’s event later next month.

During the event on March 30 at the Steelyard, which RDT is sponsoring, Mark will discuss his vision for the future of motor insurance, and how technology can enable change. There will also be a panel discussion featuring industry experts.

InsTech London explained: “A lot of the best innovation comes from taking existing ideas and applying them in new ways.  Motor insurance has been the birthplace of many initiatives that then crossed over into mainstream insurance, including selling direct to consumer, telematics, aggregators, faster claims processes and more.

“In this event we’re bringing together some of the fascinating companies we have come across that are building, using or support new data and analytics from motor and beyond, supported by well-established but forever evolving RDT”.

InsTech London hold monthly meet-ups to draw in innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals from across the insurance market.  RDT’s sales and marketing team are regular attendees as it is a great forum to keep up to date with innovations in the market place.

InsTech London interviewed Mark for one of their podcasts last year – listen to the podcast here, or a read the transcript here.