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RDT staff go on a social event to a Crystal Maze type experience

RDT employees enjoy a social outing to Prison Island

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As RDT’s social calendar for 2019 stepped up a notch, a group of employees went to Prison Island in Maidstone town centre last month for a fun evening of puzzle-solving.

Everyone split into four teams of three people, with each team facing a variety of puzzles in different rooms, with each puzzle taking between one and five minutes to solve.

Teams had a choice of more than 25 rooms, with a variety of mental and physical challenges, with the aim of getting as many points as possible in an hour. The teams were allowed to repeat challenges if they wanted to try them again or improve their score.

Everyone said how much they had enjoyed the event and what a positive experience it was in terms of building friendships with their teammates. Our highest-scoring team was made up of Will O’Shea, Colin Smith and Emma Box – congratulations to them!