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RDT Launch ACE

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Deliver your digital transformation, automation and decision intelligence in 2023 with RDT ACE.

Why ACE?

RDT’s Agile Composition Engine, ACE, is designed with one critical mission in mind – we set out to empower insurers and MGAs to move to a digital first approach to customer management across the insurance lifecycle. Cheaper, faster and with less risk than has ever been possible before.

What does it do?

ACE combines low code design and rapid ecosystem development whilst leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence to make customer journeys easy to create and deploy. With ACE, your business teams can instantly “drag and drop” configure BPMN workflows, access all their customer data and enrichment sources with intellisense and test and launch it the same day.

At launch, ACE is ready to fully automate your motor claims journeys, making claims with repairs or total losses run to settlement without the intervention of a claims handler. We are proud to be saving our clients significantly on their claims administration costs whilst at the same time helping them deliver industry leading customer experiences.

Some key features!

Today’s feature set is already rich and powerful. From launch you have access to powerful tools such as version control, where you can quickly adjust your processes and update the way you support customers. There is also built in runtime performance, allowing you to ensure that the user experience is up to the standard your customers expect. Finally, an effective BPML debugger will quickly let you know where and how to correct your business logic. Plus you can check all of your customer journeys in our easy to configure dashboard.

But we are not stopping there and the roadmap for the future is already shaped. This includes machine learning that sits on top of the raw data, identifying trends and patterns, allowing decision intelligence to be optimised based on previous transactions.

How can it be deployed?

Whilst engaging with the industry and our customers we came to a key learning about how it should be deployed. That’s why we built it to technically operate as a cloud native middleware, where we deeply integrate it into our technology stack through APIs, but it will also simply fit into any tech stack. So, if your incumbent is running a legacy claims or policy platform you can instantly modernise your solution.
We also know that ACE, as well as being very secure, has to be scalable. Not only will it scale easily with volume, it is also designed to support multiple branded front end journeys for customers or brokers. If you have several brands operating, it is possible to ensure that all of them can benefit from automation first journeys, reducing the effort to scale across all your books of business.

ACE is going to play a big part in giving our existing customers a significant competitive advantage and we can’t wait to talk to more insurers and MGAs, demonstrate the product and explore how we can create value together.

Mark Bates, our CEO, had this to say. ” What excites me about this product is its versatility. It’s the Swiss army knife of process automation and system integration. It allows companies to automate their legacy platforms breathing new life and functionality into them, without the need for expensive rewrites or investment into their core platforms.”