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RDT renews its ISO 27001 certification

RDT renews its ISO 27001 certification

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RDT has again passed its annual ISO 27001 certification check with flying colours, meaning that its data security matches strict global standards.

ISO 27001 is an international information security standard that businesses such as RDT must comply with to show that their clients’ data is protected and kept confidential. Having an ISO accreditation is crucial if our clients are to trust that their information is safe with us. The annual assessments are all about how a company controls its risk management processes and protects its customers’ sensitive information.

Our Head of IT Operations, Gary Harrison, is responsible for making sure RDT meets the standard requirements – and  every year he makes sure that we exceed them.

To achieve this RDT has many security rules in place, including:

  • Appropriate classification and handling of sensitive documents
  • Workstations are secured when not in use
  • All laptop computers, workstations and mobile devices are encrypted
  • Regular reviews of user security so that passwords are kept secret and inactive accounts are removed from systems
  • Secure containers for sensitive paper waste, which is taken away and destroyed by an accredited specialist company
  • Regular employee updates on security so that everyone is aware of polices or current issues that affect them

RDT also has a segregated network segment and a secure room where employees go to when working on client data. Access to the room is tightly restricted, it has no windows, and any data viewed in there does not leave.

Gary said: ‘RDT has met the criteria for ISO 27001 certification since 2015. Since then we’ve been extending the scope of the certification to include our Australian division and, most recently, our managed service provision. We’ve been on a long journey maturing the security policies and procedures to meet the changing demands of the business and legislation, which we continue to improve upon.

‘We’ve worked to create a robust information security management system, and it’s great to see this fully integrated into the fabric of RDT. Our people really care about the security and reputation of the business and have taken on their individual responsibilities to ensure that this is a consideration in all their work. I’m extremely pleased with the result of this recent audit and it’s great to know we are still improving and heading in the right direction.’

Please contact us if you have any questions about our ISO 27001 certification.