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RDT strengthens relationship with RAA with further technology application

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Insurance software specialist RDT is strengthening its relationship with its long-standing customer, the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA), by providing the insurer with a huge uplift in its technology.

RAA is undergoing a programme of improvements to its digital capability and the enhancements will include RDT’s new ecommerce API, a platform for insurers to create phone apps and websites for their customers.

The company will also be using RDT’s data enrichment and centralised rating platform, Equator, to make the best use of all the data it holds about its members. This will help RAA to deliver innovative products and services directly to them.

RAA’s partnership with RDT began in 2012, when it made the switchover to RDT’s general insurance platform Landscape. Two months after going live, RAA marked the biggest gross written premium month in its history. The implementation of Landscape was so successful for RAA that it won the 2014 Celent Model Insurer Asia Award for policy administration technology initiatives.

The new upgrades, which also include significant enhancements to Landscape, are being developed in RDT’s Kent headquarters using agile methodology, with the rollout beginning in early 2017.

RDT’s CEO Mark Bates comments “We are delighted that RAA has chosen us to further develop its business and enhance its IT capability. Using the enhancements, RAA will be able to move to the forefront of Insurtech innovation and offer their greatest asset, their members, enhanced digital products.

The inclusion of Equator ensures the robust, scalable, low latency movement of complex combinations of data in a sophisticated and secure manner. Moving forward, Equator will allow RAA to enrich their current data with external sources at point of quote, improving pricing granularity and reducing risk, while allowing more tailored and enhanced member experiences. This programme will make RAA one of the most technologically sophisticated insurance companies in Australia.”

Ian Stone, RAA group managing director, added “RAA is well known for providing exceptional service to our members from our shops or from call centres. Improving our digital capability will also allow us to provide best practice, customer-centric, personalised and seamless services in the digital environment”.

RAA is South Australia’s largest independent organisation and one of the region’s most familiar brands. It has been providing insurance, mostly for cars and homes, for more than 75 years.