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Insurance software firm RDT’s role as an insurtech accelerator

RDT’s role as an insurtech accelerator

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The importance of RDT’s role as an insurtech accelerator was highlighted this week in a speech given by PricewaterhouseCooopers’ insurtech consultant.

Speaking at the relaunch of global tech network Startupbootcamp’s insurtech programme on September 13 and reported in the Insurance Times, Kasia Kirkland discussed how partnerships between start-ups and accelerators will help the insurance industry.

Ms Kirkland, who has in the past written about the need for insurers to appear more trustworthy to consumers, said: ‘We see insurtech as a fantastic opportunity to try to improve the level of trust and the level of transparency. Some insurers are choosing in-house innovation, others are building their own start-ups. But the really wise ones are partnering with accelerators.’

RDT, which specialises in working in long-term partnership with insurers, has been at the forefront of disruption and innovation in insurance software for 25 years. In 2014 it created the first platform for centralised data enrichment and pricing, and today all of our ultra-performant, scalable services can be hosted either on-premises or in the cloud, enabling us to support innovative ideas and making development swifter than ever.

RDT CEO Mark Bates said: ‘Our enrichment, analysis and administration functions are provided with a set of mix-and-match, usage-based services, meaning that we can accelerate development of app and web-based platforms into a very short timeframe. Our agile development practices and the fact that we have connections to more data enrichment sources and software houses than any other insurtech company, adds up to make us an ideal partner with which to bring innovative ideas to market.’