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API's & Deployment Options


Enjoy increased speed to market, lower operating costs and better customer service with our insurance APIs. Our APIs enable insurers to build flexible, scalable and robust technology platforms so that they can:

  • Give their customers self-service options
  • Build innovative integrated solutions with their business partners
  • Access Atlas’s vast policy administration, claims management and rating facilities

Take a look at RDT’s full suite of insurance APIs to see what benefits they can bring to your business.

All of our APIs are RESTful and meet OAuth2 specifications, and can be deployed in-house or as part of our managed service.  We work with a number of partners to provide API integrations with Atlas, including Verify, MID and Vizion. These solutions help insurers to become more efficient and provide an improved customer experience.


RDT is first and foremost a supplier of cutting edge software. While our technology is available to our customers via the deployment method and servicing model best suited to their individual needs, in many cases we advocate cloud deployment of our software within an RDT managed service. We use our most talented and experienced developers to manage the applications for our clients and believe the deployment of our software in Microsoft Azure brings material advantages to both insurers and MGAs.

We have a long-standing relationship with Microsoft and we’ve invested in making all of our offerings web-based and Azure compliant. Hosting software in Azure is secure, cost effective and speeds up delivery and deployment. The benefits are huge and it’s a route we encourage our customers to take. Deploying software in the cloud provides a scalable solution that allows us to increase or decrease capability as demand dictates.

Insurers generate more data than most businesses, and Azure provides the ability to manage and process as much data as necessary, again scaling according to requirements.  Meanwhile the scope for future growth is limitless – it’s not possible for a business to become too big for Azure.

Technology Approach

RDT managed service, hosted in Azure

This is our ‘gold star’ fully managed service. Software is deployed in Microsoft Azure leveraging RDT’s relationship with Microsoft. We are responsible for all of the day-to-day operation of the technology and do everything necessary for the deployment, such as installing the software, ensuring that it’s running, making backups and even emptying full disks. The only thing RDT doesn’t do in this option is perform business processes, although we do fulfil certain small tasks such as adding a new user and entering the customers’ rates to the system. Should a customer already have an existing large scale infrastructure hosting relationship with Microsoft, this can be leveraged to ensure the lowest cost to the customer.

Tasks RDT performs in the managed service package:

  • SQL server health monitoring and housekeeping
  • Application database replication monitoring and backup
  • Batch schedule monitoring
  • File transfer monitoring
  • System vulnerability testing
  • Business continuity planning
  • Cryptography monitoring
  • Application performance monitoring
  • MID processing
  • EDI message processing
  • Antivirus updates
  • Operating system maintenance and patching
  • Cryptography maintenance
  • Monitoring and alert maintenance
  • Rates update promotion
  • PAF \ postzon updates
  • Application release to pre-production
  • Application release to production
  • Hardware and storage review
  • Call review meetings
  • Service level reporting meetings
  • Service review meetings
  • Incident management
  • Service request management
  • Change request management

Customers choosing this service can focus purely on what they do without getting bogged down with issues around their technology infrastructure. They don’t need to have an IT department focused on these functions, making this an ideal choice for a start-up or any business with stretched technology teams. A business, or area of a business, is able to get up and running quickly using this service very cost effectively. The bottom line is that RDT has the experience and expertise to run this end of a business’s operation more efficiently, and more cheaply, than they could themselves.

Customer Managed

Customer managed, in the customer’s own Azure

The customer manages everything themselves and the software resides in the customer’s Azure.

This is good for an established company that has its own large IT department with the capacity and desire to manage the technology. They enjoy all the benefits of cloud deployment but retain control of all their management and processes.

Customer deployed

The customer manages everything themselves and hosts it themselves in their own in-house data centre. RDT supplies the software and provides support as and when it’s needed in a ‘traditional’ software licence and support model.

This option would be chosen only by an established insurer or large MGA with a large, well-established IT department and its own data centre.

“Landscape gives us a holistic view of our customers on one centralised platform and far greater control of our products and sales”

– Ben Cooter, Product and Underwriting Manager, RAA

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