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Panorama is RDT’s set of customer-facing front end components and capabilities that could take the form of a website, smart phone app, an integration point for a new digital program or a broker portal or supplier portal. Panorama is the e-commerce gateway for our core technology platforms that’s been designed to enable our MGA customers to continue driving new products and services out to market. The components sit in front of a layer of application programming interfaces (APIs) which connect it to our administration and claims solution Landscape and our rating platform Equator.

Panorama creates incredible speed, rating accuracy and usability which the MGA can put directly into the hands of its increasingly demanding and digitally savvy customers.

Panorama - insurance website services

What it does

Our APIs provide a connection for websites and smart phone apps to Landscape and Equator, meaning that certain aspects of both platforms can be used directly by the consumer.

Panorama smart phone apps and websites enable the customers of our MGA clients to purchase insurance after answering only a few questions – sometimes no more than five. They provide instant, on-demand rating and pricing, and, rare in insurance, add immediacy and convenience to the customer experience. It allows customers to keep all their policies in one place, view their policy details and track the progress of any claims, all on their smartphones.

The short customer journey provided by Panorama is possible because it leverages data enrichment through Equator. MGAs no longer have to ask customers for details that they might not know, such as the year their house was built, because the data is coming to them directly from the appropriate agency. Panorama also leverages Equator’s data orchestration power to deliver data held in the MGAs own data repositories to affect the customer journey.

Data is being created at an ever increasing pace, and in greater volumes. Panorama’s API layer allows for quote, policy and claims data to be stored outside of Landscape, but still accessed in an instant. This boosts your business’s speed and agility and ensures it will to remain competitive for years to come.


  • Risk assessment and pricing is far more accurate than it is for businesses who ask their customers to complete the traditional form with 50+ questions
  • On-demand insurance sold via a smart phone app supports a vast number of product options and accesses niche product areas
  • Short question set drives customer engagement and loyalty
  • Provides insurance with a surprising new edge; convenience

See the TRiCE Case Study for a full description of this powerful piece of insurtech in action.

“Landscape is a powerful business enabler and has supported our business effortlessly…and continues to be a crucial part of our growth strategy. We are indebted to the team at RDT”

– John Kennedy, Managing Director, KennCo

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