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Insurance technology specialists RDT hold their summer internship assessment day

Summer internship assessment day at RDT

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Yesterday we had seven candidates for our summer internship in the office with us. They each went through several interviews and activities that we had planned for them to assess them for the role.

Insurance technology specialists RDT hold their summer internship assessment day

Our summer internships give undergraduates experience in the software development and insurance industry and help prepare them for their future in employment while also giving our staff some assistance throughout the busy summer period.

The candidates’ morning began with a talk from Rob Grigg, our chief technical officer. He gave the candidates a quick overview about what RDT does and what each member of staff contributes to the company.

They were then taken to our meeting room where our support analyst El Peters had planned an Agile game to get them warmed up. Several of our staff stood on the sidelines of this game to assess each candidate in their contribution and confidence.

Group product owner Michael Boucher and his team of product owners then ran a product session, where the candidates were split into groups and given small tasks to complete, while still being assessed. This was a good way for us to see who may or may not be a natural leader, and who has the ability to be a good team player.

The candidates were then placed on a rotational schedule where each of them were involved in a technical interview, a career interview, a one-to-one with our CEO Mark Bates, and a code review where they were able to present to our software engineers and show us their talents.

Overall, the day went really well and we hope that all of the candidates enjoyed their experience with us. We wish all of them the best of luck, and we look forward to the possibility of working with some of them this summer!