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The role of the agile product owner for RDT's insurance software delivery

The role of an Agile product owner

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Most of our delivery teams have about seven members, including developers, testers, a scrum master, a business analyst and a product owner. We keep our teams small as we’ve found it’s better for collaboration and communication and it keeps the quality of work high.

The product owner is responsible for what gets delivered to the client and the overall product vision. It’s their job to understand the product strategy, current market trends and what our clients want.

Working with the business analysts, the product owner shapes the work the team does by defining who the end user is, the problem that needs solving, and the value to the client of creating and delivering a solution.

The product owner, along with the account manager, also manages their team’s relationship with our clients, ensuring they are kept up to date with progress and are informed of any issues or risks that could have an impact on a delivery.

The product owner will work very closely with the team’s scrum master, who is responsible for how the work is delivered. The role of the scrum master will be covered next.