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RDT employs agile delivery managers to deliver top quality insurance software

What the role of a Delivery Manager is at RDT

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At RDT, we employ a software delivery method called agile to deliver top quality insurance software to our clients.

Our teams have a Delivery Manager whose role is described below.

The primary role of the Delivery Manager is to be accountable for the delivery of a team’s work. They facilitate production and ensure the delivery of agile stories during the current sprint. Clearly reporting, data and clarity on how the teams’ work is progressing for both the team and the business is critical.

Agile practices

The Delivery Manager needs to be knowledgeable about lean agile principles and practices and they need to ensure that the team use the best agile methodology to align with their tech stream. At RDT we use both scrum and Kanban agile practices.

Health and stability of the team

By ensuring that the dynamics of the team are working, and that the team has the right people to deliver the work, the Delivery Manager does everything possible to ensure that the team performs at a sustainable pace while maintaining delivery and quality.


The Delivery Manager is accountable for the delivery of the team. They are the “go to” person for anything that is delivery focused, meaning that they are responsible for release tracking and financial tracking while supporting the Product Owner with their stakeholder relationships.

They must remove impediments to progress, reducing wasteful activities, and ensuring that the backlog is ready for the next sprint. As part of this, they must liaise with key business members to resolve elements that impact the team delivery. Existing processes need to be challenged if the Delivery Manager identifies a blocker to software delivery, or determines an issue which impacts the rate at which the team will deliver their work.


The focus for the Delivery Manager is on delivering value, whilst also identifying any risk to quality for future development. They must ensure that all software which is developed aligns with the product vision.

The role supports wider organisation change and process improvements.