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RDT use agile methodology for insurance software delivery

Who is in an Agile team?

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We’ve talked about the roles of the product owner and scrum master at RDT, now it’s time to explain how the teams work.

Each team is made up of developers, testers and a business analyst. The team is responsible for delivering what we call ‘potentially shippable product increments’, i.e. tranches of finished code that meet an agreed target level of quality and functionality. We call this agreed target level ‘the definition of done’.

RDT’s teams sit together in their own dedicated work spaces. We have very visual task boards that clearly display information about the status of the work.

Each of our teams is self-organising and empowered to drive the work forward. Each team member has cross-functional skills, so if anyone is absent the team is able to keep operating. It is not unusual for individuals to switch between teams in order to deepen their knowledge and learn new key skills.

Quality is very important to us at RDT and so our teams practice many different engineering techniques to make sure we always deliver our best.

We will start to look at different meetings that the teams attend in future Agile articles.