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Atlas is a complete end-to-end insurance software solution

Why we created the product suite Atlas

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We at RDT are excited to announce the launch of our latest initiative Atlas, which is a full restructuring of all our products into one platform.

Atlas will enable our customers to future proof themselves and keep up with the incredible pace of the modern insurance marketplace. Insurers and MGAs are coming under ever more pressure to speed up product change, deliver increased client service innovation and greater market penetration – all while trying to lower their technology costs and headcounts. This is why we call Atlas our platform for the future.

Atlas solutions are deployed as a managed service, providing businesses with enhanced flexibility and control over their services throughout the insurance lifecycle. Atlas is comprised of our general insurance solution Landscape, our award-winning data orchestration platform Equator, our smart phone app and website services Panorama, and our data warehousing service Horizon. Atlas can be fully deployed in Azure, and businesses can license the entire suite or take on whichever elements of it they like.

With nearly 28 years’ experience in creating innovative technology exclusively for the insurance industry, RDT is uniquely placed to identify trends and demands of the constantly changing insurance universe. Developed in the real world for real customers, the modular approach we’ve taken with Atlas means that businesses can make use of the whole platform for all of its lines, use specific components in order to address pressing needs, or take on varying combinations as requirements evolve. Whether implemented using RDT’s fully managed service or as part of a traditional in-house deployment, Atlas has been developed to allow insurers to get the most out of our great software tools without needing to be software engineers.

Atlas provides insurers with complete control and flexibility over their products, with the ability to make real time changes. It delivers market-leading data management and reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to constantly enhance their proposition. Our managed service is low latency, highly scalable and 24/7, making the most of Microsoft’s investment in Azures capabilities.

Atlas can manage the orchestration of data from a variety of sources including Synectics, Experian, MIB and WNS, significantly enhancing fraud prevention and underwriting quality and profitability. A business that uses Atlas will always be able to enhance its proposition quickly, as opportunities develop.